Staff Contacts

General Inquiries | 901.525.2377

Megan Banet, Prevention Specialist | mbanet [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4301

Danita Bennett, Team Service Data Assistant | dbennett [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4355

Lindsey Burcham, Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator | lburcham [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4383

Letitia Cole, Forensic Interviewer 

Keita Cooley, Prevention Specialist | kcooley [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4362

Gabriela Granados, Victim Advocate | ggranados [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

Paige Golden, Therapist | pgolden [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org 

Victoria DeBerry, Therapist | vdeberry [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

Su Hartline, Development Manager | shartline [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4359

Charlotte Jones, Victim Advocacy Manager | cjones [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4396

Chris Jones, Communications Specialist | crjones [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4335

Destinie Jones, Therapist | djones [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org 

Patricia Lewis, Forensic Interview Program Manager 

Lanarda Miller, Team Service Data Coordinator | lmiller [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4345

Deirdre Oglesby, Donor Relations Specialist | doglesby [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4342

Teresa Onry, Forensic Interviewer 

Christine Province, Executive Coordinator | cprovince [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4337

Shadeau Rhodes, Therapist | srhodes [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

Shunder Simpson, Victim Advocate | ssimpson [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

Zeffera Topps, Receptionist | ztopps [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4339

Kim Wadley, Therapist | kwadley [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

Beryl Wight, Communications & Grants Manager | bwight [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org | 901.888.4369

This project is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee.