Stewards of Children

Please contact our prevention director Kris Crim for information on scheduling Stewards of Children sessions for your organization during the coronavirus pandemic. He can be reached at 901.888.4363 or kcrim [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org

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Our Stewards of Children child sexual abuse prevention training is for parents and adults who work or volunteer with kids. Stewards is smart, evidence based, and empowering. It has been shown to work: adults who take the training follow up with actions that help keep kids safe.

How Stewards of Children works. The two and a half hour training includes facilitator-led discussion, interactive workbook activity, and compelling video featuring experts, parents, and adult survivors of abuse. Stewards of Children goes beyond awareness—it provides skills. Participants learn specific concrete actions that they can take, as individuals and as a part of bigger organizations, that work to protect children. For a flyer with more information, click here. 

Training at your organization. We’ve provided Stewards training for thousands of people at hundreds of youth-serving organizations across Shelby County. Parents, employees and volunteers in schools, medical centers, places of worship, after-school groups, and other organizations are better prepared to protect the kids in their care. When organizations get Stewards training for their staff and volunteers, kids are safer.

If you have a group of 10 or more, we’ll provide the training at your setting. There is a small workbook fee and some scholarships are available. Don’t have 10 people (or maybe, it’s just you)? Then ask about our open enrollment sessions.

Open enrollment sessions. We also FREE Stewards sessions twice a month. The sessions are held in downtown locations with ample free parking. Pre-registration is required. Our open enrollment flyer lists upcoming sessions. 

To learn more or to register, contact our prevention director at prevention [at] MemphisCAC [dot] org or 901-888-4363. The actions you take today may help save a child from undeserved suffering. Click here to see WREG coverage. 

Here's what some people had to say about the training: 

 “…helped me be aware of signs to look for, how to help kids, to not be afraid/hesitant to report possible abuse…for not just my kids but all those I have contact with.”

 “Brilliant presentation. So thought provoking. I left empowered and accountable, dealing with a difficult subject.”

 “Thank God for this program. Amen.” 

Child Protection Policy Workshops. In addition to Stewards of Children, we offer policy training several times per year. Kids are safer at community settings with solid child protection policy. Good policy addresses one child-one adult interactions, background checks, training for staff and volunteers, and more. Open the workshop flyer for our next session. 

This project is funded under an agreement with the State of Tennessee.